I’ve seen pictures of this site on Instagram since ages ago, and a couple weeks back I decided to ask around where it is and hit it for some shots as soon as possible. My friend Mike and I left for Charleroi in the early morning, drove through the pouring rain for a couple hours, and arrived at our destination. And it it was immediately obvious why Powerplant IM is such a popular urbex location.

The gates and fencing are destroyed in more places than they are still whole, and all you need to open the doors to the structures is opposable thumbs. The tricky thing is, that they occasionally lock the door and restrict access, and there are guard patrols that can kick you out. I’m not an active urbexer, I often ask permission before accessing a place I’m not supposed to be or that’s hard to reach, so this was kind of a new experience for me.

I walked up the stairs and grabbed the door. It gave and opened. And as I stepped inside, my jaw hit the floor.

The cooling tower is so mindbogglingly huge that the scale of it doesn’t really translate until you are standing inside. It’s like stepping onto a movie set, or an alien structure. It’s so unlike most buildings you’ve ever been in that it takes a while to actually really take it in.

After getting some shots with my buddy Mike, we went over to the reservoir building. Up a rickety staircase, through a tiny hatch, onto a precarious little metal ledge above a 15 meter drop…. No biggie. I took a few long exposure shots and we headed out. I didn’t need to see for myself what was down there.

Anyway, the trip really inspired us to look further into other locations like this, so we can get some more of these epic shots. I’m SO glad with the results, which you will find below.