Me and a few other photographers went to Leiden yesterday, initially to shoot the botanical gardens. Besides shooting some plants and the awesome greenhouse structures of the Gardens, we also happened upon the Leiden observitory, and sweet talked our way into a private tour of the very impressive facility, ending on the roof with an amazing view of Leiden.

My girlfriend and I got the unique opportunity to walk around the roof of the Klokgebouw on Strijp-S, an iconic Eindhoven staple, which is not usually accessible to the public. We got a grand tour of the grounds and the clock itself. Take a look below for the results! Super happy about this shoot!

Recently my girlfriend and I got our hands on a classic Volkswagen Beetle for a day. We drove it to Wassenaar, and went for a tour of the amazing Voorlinden Museum. Definitely worth a visit! Here’s some of my favorite pictures of the trip.