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Leiden Instameet

Me and a few other photographers went to Leiden yesterday, initially to shoot the botanical gardens. Besides shooting some plants and the awesome greenhouse structures of the Gardens, we also happened upon the Leiden observitory, and sweet talked our way into a private tour of the very impressive facility, ending on the roof with an amazing view of Leiden.


Glow 2019 preview

Last night I got to participate in a preview of Glow 2019, a yearly event in Eindhoven that turns large parts of the city center into artful light displays, each presenting their own themes, ideas and feats of engineering. We visited and had dinner at Domus Dela, a new hotel that used to be a church/monistary, and several displays across the city.


Lightcanvas Shoot

Today I had the honor the shoot the Lightcanvas, a concept developed by my friend Luis Ferreira. Turned off, it looks like a regular paint canvas. But when it’s on it turns into a beautiful, bright LED display that responds to pressure, enabling the user to paint on the canvas with light.


Klokgebouw Shoot

My girlfriend and I got the unique opportunity to walk around the roof of the Klokgebouw on Strijp-S, an iconic Eindhoven staple, which is not usually accessible to the public. We got a grand tour of the grounds and the clock itself. Take a look below for the results! Super happy about this shoot!



Eindhoven is always under construction, and for the past year they’ve been building a new tunnel under the Montgommerylaan. It’s almost completed, but still closed for traffic. I took a couple trips there recently and shot some pics. Most on a Sony 50mm F1.8, some on the Sony 12-24mm f4.


Volkswagen weekend

Recently my girlfriend and I got our hands on a classic Volkswagen Beetle for a day. We drove it to Wassenaar, and went for a tour of the amazing Voorlinden Museum. Definitely worth a visit! Here’s some of my favorite pictures of the trip.

New website, new adventure!

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a secondairy business in photography and design for many years, and some projects that I’ve been a part of recently pushed me over the edge. So take a look around, check out my work and hit me up for any feedback you’d like to share.