What I do

I’m an all-round creative powerhouse. I’ve been teaching about creative software for over 10 years, and through that experience I’ve seen most aspects of most creative industries, from video production, web/graphic design, photography, animation, 3D design to making balloon animals, I’ve been around the block.

How I do it

I’m a naturally curious person, and that curiosity has driven me to master the tools of my craft. I only work on projects that I find compelling and exciting, and that personal interest gets my creative engine going at full speed.

Where I live

I live in Eindhoven, and the city’s creative energy has been a driving force in my career as a teacher, photographer and designer. When I’m not wandering around the city looking for a great picture to shoot, I’m either working in my studio on Strijp-S, going on adventures with my kids or myfriends, rollerblading or drinking some speciaalbiertjes at the city brewery.